हमारी ख़ासियत

चुनाव की प्रक्रिया के हर चरण और अंगो की जानकारी रखते हुए परिस्थिति अनुरूप रणनीति तैय्यार करना और उस पर अमल लाना।

(a). Get data from the ground zero –collection of the data (by own or candidate side )

Primary data – from Media, library, Persons etc .
Secondary data – from election officials, party offices, magazines, etc.

(b) Scrutiny of data and processing– Expert person shall scrutinize the data and find out the essence of the Election issue and problems of the ground zero.

-IT professionals/computer graphics and expert person by the computer presentation, point out the area wise problem and our experts shall solve it.

Election issues when we receive, soon experts analysis and starts to planning and making strategies.

(c) Social Media –we will utilize social media to find the election core issues and through media try to capitalize and establish the candidate in the battle and mentoring the candidate to be a win.